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YYR AirWave Portable Air Conditioner - 10,000BTU Cooling & 55 pints/day Dehumidifying

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  • 10,000BTU fast cooling with sleep mode.

  • 55 pints/day dehumidifying.

  • 2 speeds fan.

  • Cools up to 270 ft².

  • $99 yearly energy cost estimated by FTC.

  • 360° caster wheels & easy-grip handles.

  • Fits all windows and can be customized.

  • 210CFM circulation capacity & adjustable fan levers.

  • Up to 24-hour auto-timer.

  • Remote controlled.

  • Features onboard control and LED display.

  • No manual draining required with the self-evaporating system.

  • MUST set upright for 1 hour before first use.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    The Best by Far

    So good so far. Easy installation. I've had a couple of other brands but this one is out performing the others. We'll just see if it last the season.

    Simon Daniel
    Awww. Cool air.

    I use this air conditioner when my main until goes out. It has happened a few times in the past. (And always during the hottest months).
    The air conditioner came ahead of scheduled time. The unit was packaged perfect. Everything was included. I just had to cut the straps and the box lifted off the unit. The last air conditioner I bought I had to cut the box away from the until to remove. So this was a real plus to unpack. I was so glad to see the unit had handles. As I have steps to move it down and then up into the bedroom. Wheels also a plus. The until blows hard and blows really cold air. It is a powerful little air conditioner. It does make noises and rubbles some. I don’t know of a air conditioner that does makes noises. I recommend this until. It is easy to set up and easy to move, which is important if you don’t have any help. Once you get it in the window your good to go. The until has everything you need to get cooled off and comfortable. And in this heat wave that’s a plus. I have a small dog so I cannot just run to a hotel when my air conditioner stops working. And with the cost of a nice hotel you could buy two or three of these air conditioners. I hope you find all this helpful. Thanks.

    Erin Lin

    When I first saw the size of the box, I thought to myself, "This thing is bigger than my ego!" But boy, was I in for a surprise when I opened it up. It was like a surprise party, and I was the guest of honor!

    The machine was wrapped up tighter than a burrito at Chipotle, but once I cut through those packaging straps, it was smooth sailing. And let me tell you, the designers of this machine were not messing around when it came to thoughtful design.

    First of all, there was a square foam pad that seemed out of place. But it turns out, so i asked the seller who told that it was designed for wooden houses to reduce vibrations and noise. Who knew a foam pad could be so pun-tastic?

    And those hidden handles on both sides of the machine? It was like a secret handshake with my appliance. Other products don't have this design or only have one handle, which makes me wonder if they're trying to test our one-handed lifting skills. But not this machine, oh no! It's got your back (and your front) with those double handles.

    And let's talk about those omnidirectional wheels at the bottom – they were smoother than a baby's bottom! I couldn't resist spinning it around in place a few times, just for fun. And when it's time to move it, those wheels make it a breeze.

    The detachable filter at the back of the machine was also a convenient feature for cleaning. And the power cord was neatly stored above the handle, which was a nice touch. Speaking of the power cord, the plug was marked with "RESET" and "TEST" buttons, which is a professional design to prevent power overload. It's like this machine is saying, "I got you, boo!"

    All in all, unboxing this machine was a surprise party, and I'm here for it! The thoughtful design made it a pleasure to use, and I can't wait to see what other surprises this machine has in store for me.

    • "It delivers where it counts—in cooling performance—better than anything else in its price range."

    • "It is the most efficient option among all the portable air conditioners we tested in its price range."

    • It's quieter than other portable air conditioners and at 54 pounds, it has a lighter weight than most other portable ACs.

    Portability Matters

    Omnidirectional caster wheels and easy-grip side handles make moving and re-positioning YYR AirWave a real breeze.

    Sleep Tight

    Experience optimal nighttime temperature control with our quiet cooling technology. Schedule it to turn on or off 24 hours in advance so that you can always arrive at a cool & comfy space.

    70° Auto Airflow

    Easily adjust the airflow to your desired angle or make it auto-swing for your personalized experience with the handy remote.

    Versatile for Various Spaces

    This PAC has a cooling capacity of up to 10000BTU, making it suitable for different spaces like workshops, living rooms, garages, and more.

    5 Years without Refill

    Achieve sustainable cooling solutions with the YYR AirWave's eco-friendly refrigerant. No refill needed for over 5 years' use.

    Mold Will Attack

    The YYR AirWave features ultra-efficient dehumidifying system that is designed to effectively protect you and your family from mold.

    Lights-off Sleep Mode

    Rest better in Sleep Mode. Lights on control panel will turn off in 10 sec (except the Sleep Mode indicator).

    Washable Dust Screens

    No need to worry about dust. You can easily remove the dust filters and clean them under running water.

    Ready for Rough Delivery

    Up to 5-layer heavy-duty packing ensures that your summertime lifesaver will arrive intact.

    Cool and Safe

    The LCDI plug protects your PAC from electrical risks, and with a press of the reset button, it swiftly resumes normal operation.

    Fits Windows of All Kinds

    Fits standard windows and can be customized for non-traditional windows such as crank and egress (additional installation kits may be required).

    Move It Anywhere

    Effortlessly transport the portable air-conditioner with the 360-degree caster wheels.

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    Problems? No Problem!

    What's the width of window vent?

    If the height/width is between:

    1.0-2.1 feet, use one panel and cut it short with a chainsaw;

    2.1-3.0 feet, use both panels and cut the second one short with a chainsaw;

    3.0-3.9 feet, use both panels without cutting.

    How to drain the unit?

    No manual draining required due to the self-evaporating system equipped. In high-humidity areas, manual draining is needed by unplugging lower drain plug. For gravity drain, remove upper drain plug and attach included hose at the back of the unit.

    Is it noisy?

    This YYR Portable Air Conditioner features quieter, high-efficiency components that produce 50-65 decibels of sound — as loud as a normal conversation.

    Does a higher BTU value mean a better mobile air conditioner?

    The mobile AC for your needs depends on balancing the size of the space with an energy efficient BTU and appropriate features. Choose a BTU based on your usage and room requirements. A properly sized unit will cool well without wasting energy/money.

    How much area can it cool?

    The 10000 BTU portable AC unit can cool 250-350 square feet effectively. The cooling area of a mobile air conditioner is greatly affected by the items in the room. Typically, empty rooms require an air conditioner with higher BTU.

    Why does it stop working suddenly?

    You may have to reset the LCDI plug to resume normal operation by a press of the reset button.