Our Story

Welcome to #PAPERANG

PAPERANG is devoted to helping people conserve & share the moments of life.

"We hope that our handy pocket printers will enable you to express your unique creativity, be it for work, study, travel, arts and craft projects or just for fun!"

Print out a love note, errands, reminders, artwork, recipes and more! Pick from a variety of paper for any occasion!

Happy life is so simple, sometimes it’s as simple as putting your Paperang into your pocket and print the meaningful moments on the go.

Have fun with #PAPERANG!



We had the idea to create PAPERANG because we love taking pictures when we travel and we like to keep a photo album where we collect all the experiences we have. We used Polaroids at the beginning but the refills are expensive. Then it came to our mind that inkless thermal printers with economic refills are ideal for this purpose. That's why we created PAPERANG to give people a budget-friendly Polaroids alternative to print and share life moments with the people they love.

PAPERANG, as one of Zuoyebang Group's consumer brands, offers an easy-to-use mobile printing solution to all creative people who like to take pictures and take note of everything. Thermal printing costs less because it does not use ink cartridges. And we've improved the formula to make sure the ink remains clear for a longer period. 

We are proud to introduce PAPERANG to the public.