Question about Paperang Printers

What is a Paperang printer?
Paperang printer is a pocket thermal printer designed to print anything & anywhere you want! Just connect it with your phone to start printing. It is easy to use, super cute and easy fit your pocket or bag so it's super portable! Print notes, memo, photos, to-do list and more.

Can Paperang print color?
No, Paperang is a thermal printer so it can print only monochromatic, but you can find different type of colored paper to use with here!

What is the difference between Paperang P1 and Paperang P2?
Paperang P2 has 300 dpi, and the resolution of it has been greatly improved, it's appearance has been optimized with graceful lines in design make it more fashionable and the battery last 2x more longer.

What is the difference between Paperang P2 and Paperang P2s?
Both have 300dpi and can print HD picture, the main difference P2s have from P2 are the color and the pomodoro function.

How do I change Paperang paper?
Check the arrow indication on the left side of Paperang, and slightly push cover downward to open it, and then you can replace or adjust the paper.

Will the prints fade over time?
Yes, Paperang is a thermal printer like receipts printer, so the prints will fade over time, but our official paper is appositely improved to be high contrast, fade resistence and water resistence! Some of our paper roll are certified to last up to 10 years or more!
Please don't leave the paper exposed to heat source, hot enviromental condition can make the paper fade more quickly.
We are working to develop new type of paper that never fade!

How long does thermal paper last?
Our official paper last 5-10 years depending on the type.

How to use Paperang? How do I connect my Phone to Paperang?
1. Please download the PAPERANG APP for your IOS or Android device.
2. Turn on Bluetooth on your phone and keep your phone connected to the internet.

3. Turn on the printer.  
4. Open the App and connect the printer from the App.
Note: Please don't try to connect the printer directly from the bluetooth setting or it won't work.

Does Paperang need to add ink?
Paperang is the thermal printer, which requires no ink. Just load the paper in, and you can print.

What paper are supported?
Paperang P models supports 57x30mm basic thermal paper, label thermal paper and sticker thermal paper. Paperang C1 support 110x30mm. Paperang's official paper has passed BPA test, and it is BPA free.

How to recharge Paperang?
Any Micro-USB adapter is capable of charging Paperang. It can also be charged by PC. Paperang P1 models can print four rolls of paper after a full charge. Paperang P2 models and C1 can print 6 rolls paper after a full charge.