wired printing on MacBook using F1S


PC/Mac Printing Setup for PAPERANG F1S & F2S


1. Download and install the driver that matches your computer's operating system from here: Drivers for F1S / Drivers for F2S

2. Connect Paperang F1S/F2S to your computer using the included USB-A to C cable. Please note a USB-C adapter (not included) is necessary for the latest macOS computers.


3. Press and hold the power button for 5 seconds to turn on the portable printer.


4. Choose Paperang F1S/F2S as the printer to start inkless A4 printing on your PC/Mac.



- When printing several pages continuously, there will be a 5-sec gap between each printed page for you to tear off the print.

- The drivers support Windows 7 and later & macOS 14 and later.